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CECA, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is a world player in Specialty Chemicals. CECA constantly strives to improve its customers’ performance by creating and developing adsorbents, chemical intermediates, and additives. CECA operates an extensive network of industrial facilities in Europe, together with two research centres (GRL and CRRA) dedicated to Customer innovation.

A large number of liquid treatment methods call upon purification, decolorisation and deodorisation techniques using activated carbon, and filtration techniques using diatomite or perlite.

CECA boasts extensive know-how gained over several decades in these application sectors. This combined application expertise in activities using activated carbon and filter earth (diatomite or perlite) makes CECA your dedicated partner.

Their technical support team strives to bring customised solutions. They therefore play an active role in helping you optimise your processes, and thereby secure substantial savings.